Poker night

One of the things I miss about living in Illinois was the regular group of friends I had over to play poker. A wonderful byproduct of the never-ending basement finishing project was that I had room for a poker table. Every few months, I had a bunch of friends over, and usually lost money while having a great time.

Here in California, I finally got around to scheduling a poker night and invited a number of co-workers and neighbors. And two days later, Rick’s second law of poker night was proven true: everyone on the distribution, once they accept the invitation, must immediately proceed to explain to everyone else how they barely know how to play poker.

Direct quotes from the e-mail thread:

“sounds like you will be taking the money from me.”
“I haven’t played in (many) years. But, after losing so much $$$ in 2008, why not lose a bit more to friends over beers.”
“I’m not much of a poker player.”
“I am a real novice at poker and know only the basic rules.”

If the past is any guide, I’m going to lose money on Friday night.