Looking for a job?

A couple weeks back, I indicated I was interested in adding a job board to my site to help out my friends who are currently looking for work. The suggestions that people provided me with in the comments and on Twitter weren’t really satisfactory: most of the services I looked at seemed designed to either monetize the process (i.e., charge employers to list their job) or towards employers (streamlining the process of letting people upload their resume).

Here’s the use case: I get calls from recruiters on occasion. I love my current job on Blogger, and have no interest in leaving Google. But I have a number of friends who are recently laid off, stuck in a crappy job, or otherwise eager to see what’s available. All I really want to do is connect the two.

I’m going low-tech – I created a Google Group that you can join if you’re looking for work. The membership is not shared – noone other than me can see the list, so your membership won’t be visible to your current employer. 🙂 Currently, messages are moderated – members can post, but I’ll need to approve. This helps avoid situations where users mistakenly reply to the group (instead of privately), and also helps ensure that someone doesn’t join with the purpose of spamming the group.

So… I’m hopeful this is useful, and helps some of my friends find work in a tough economy. If you’re interested, go ahead and join.

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