Learning to play guitar

Santa was good to me this year: in addition to a Flip Mino HD to replace the Mino that was stolen at the Convention in August, I also got a guitar. I learned to play as a kid, but haven’t played in decades. One of my 2009 resolutions is to re-learn the guitar, and I thought it’d be helpful to document what I got to make progress on that front:

  • Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar: Just $89, it’s a natural finish acoustic guitar and it sounds pretty good. I’m not looking for anything fancy, and this seems to be a good fit so far.
  • Korg TM-40 tuner and metronome. Makes keeping the guitar in tune a breeze, and the metronome will be helpful as I learn more than a handful of chords. πŸ™‚
  • Guitar Method v4.0: This software appears to be pretty decent – the UI isn’t the most polished I’ve seen, but the addition of videos, audio and interactive fret displays makes learning pretty straightforward. The reviews are pretty helpful there, suggesting that some online sources are good complements to GM, so I’ll likely check those out. (I got this because it’s Mac compatible, there were a couple other options for the PC that I ignored.)
  • Gripmaster Hand Exerciser: The fingers on my left hand need some strengthening (to say the least!), and this is going to help build them up. I’ll probably pick up the callus builder clips for the exerciser too.
  • Guitar stand: So that my guitar can be easily visible to remind me to practice.

What did I forget? Any tips, tricks, things I should know about as I head down this path?