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For those wondering why I would go ahead and move my blog off of WordPress, I can now answer: I’m joining the Blogger team. Seemed like a good idea to make sure I re-acquainted myself with the service. 🙂

More than 7 years ago, I started this blog on Blogger – even becoming a Blogger Pro user. It took about 6 months, but I moved off of Blogger to Radio Userland, then to Movable Type, and then to WordPress. It’s fun to be back on Blogger – as a user, I’ve found it far more flexible than I expected, and I was excited to see Google Operating System identify Blogger as one of Google’s top 10 products in 2008.

I’m joining the product team as a “business product manager” – meaning that I’ll be working with Siobhan to help manage Blogger’s roadmap. It’s exciting to be close to a product again – for the last 18 months at Google, I’ve been on the business side, executing deals and negotiating partnerships. I enjoy that aspect of the business, don’t get me wrong – and at Google, those discussions tend to take on a scale that you don’t experience every day at a start-up. But this opportunity – to join an already excellent team, to take a product that’s already in a leadership position and figure out how to strengthen that – well, it was too good to pass up.

Regular readers of this blog can expect to see more frequent posts and more blogging about blogging (sorry, just warning you ahead of time). I’m excited.

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  1. Great news, Rick. sLook forward to even better things with Blogger with you on the team. sAs an added bennie, I look forward to more blogs from you

  2. Hai ! everybody my name is Musa. I'm from Malaysia . I like to joined this group members because I need to many friends around the world .s

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