I, Barack Hussein Obama…

President Obama re-took the oath of office yesterday, due to an “abundance of caution” (per new White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs).

I have an idea for Macon Phillips, the White House Director of New Media: Barack should take the oath of office every day and put it on YouTube. Think about it – you could do themed oaths (“Today, in honor of the President of China who will be joining us this afternoon, I will give the oath of office in Mandarin Chinese.” “Today is my daughter’s birthday, and I am going to let Malia take the oath on my behalf.” “Today’s oath of office will be given by the 33rd Brigade Combat Team of the Illinois National Guard.” “Today I’ve asked Chief Justice Roberts to repeat the oath from memory.”), and it would get to the point where you couldn’t imagine the oath spoken by anyone but Barack. Periodically, the White House could pick their favorite citizen oaths uploaded to YouTube, and the mash-ups of citizens taking the oath would go viral pretty quickly.

I realize President Obama doesn’t exactly need help dominating views on YouTube, but I actually think this would be a fun recurring bit on the White House site.

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