Have you joined my blog?

I’m going to start playing around with my FriendConnect-enabled page, so if you haven’t already, head to the site and join up.

3 responses to “Have you joined my blog?”

  1. Hi Rick and welcome to the Blogger side of Google. No problem putting on our current site, we'll see with the one coming up in a couple of weeks (the developers are leery of putting stuff on the site, but Google Analytics, no problem. Anyway, how do we put this on our Blogger blogs (which already have Feedburner tools…). Thanks! – John

  2. John – you can add to Blogger by ignoring the step that tells you to install two files on your site; this will be more seamless in the near future.

  3. Hi, Rick. sI had previously added myself via FriendConnect when you added it to your site. sHaven't done much with it as I haven't see much to do with it. sI look forward to following how you choose to use it.ssI'm curious about this commenting feature you have on your blog. sI'm unfamiliar with the JS-Kit, but signed on with my Facebook account. sI'm surprised that my FriendConnect info was not an option. sAm I missing something?sThanks…John

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