Facebook is for friends, not “friends”

Nick perfectly captures something I experienced about a month ago as well: accepting every friend request from everyone renders Facebook all but useless. Early in December I did much the same thing – removed a number of “friends” who were either people I hadn’t met (but knew, more or less, online) or people with whom I had only a passing relationship. Nick says it well:

So, don’t take it personally if I un-friended you – it probably just means you’re a geek, in which case you should be following me on Twitter instead 🙂

I felt odd about doing this at first… but Facebook is far, far more useful to me now. It’s primarily friends from high school, college, and law school, past co-workers and a few others. I find I’m sharing things on Facebook that are much less techie, and post work and geek stuff to Twitter. (For those who are interested, I’m on Twitter at twitter.com/rklau.) My blog has suffered in frequency over the last few years (indeed, it’s declined in frequency every year since 2003 – yikes!), something I aim to remedy in 2009. If you’re reading this and I un-friended you, please don’t take it personally. But my blog and/or Twitter are likely to be more along the lines of what you’re looking for. 🙂

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  1. Good post. I'm nowhere near this, but I've heard Facebook limits the number of friends you can have, too. So if you want to friend a lot of people you don't know on Facebook, it's probably better to create a business page and communicate that way.

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