Easy come, easy go

After making the commitment to going to the inauguration later this month, Robin and I have decided to cancel our plans. This wasn’t easy – believe me, it wasn’t easy. We’d booked our flights (mostly on miles, which will thankfully refund to my account), had plans to stay with my in-laws near DC, and even had a pretty good lead on tickets to the standing room area for the swearing in.

So what changed? Well, most importantly were the growing chorus of concerns about logistics on inauguration day. With a six year-old and an eight year-old in tow (the three year-old was going to stay with the in-laws for the day), the prospects of making them walk 5+ miles in potentially freezing weather weren’t exciting to us (not to mention hours without access to a bathroom). The last thing I wanted to happen as a result of this trip was for them to have horrible memories from the inauguration. And the more we played out these scenarios, the more we saw lots of potential for a disastrous day.

We’re disappointed – to say the least. But this feels like the right decision. And there’s always the second term. 😉

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  1. I used that excuse with a college friend years ago when I couldn't make it to his wedding.s”I'll make the next one.”sHe didn't think it was funny.ssYou're right about the kids. It probably would have been really tough for them.sHappy New Year Rick.sTim

  2. They feel the connection because of our experience in IL and their exposure to his presidential campaign and honestly that will besenough for them at this age. On the 20th, we'll be watching (and weighing and checking) all the details to see if we made the right decision, but they'll just be listening and enjoying the “up close and personal” experience on TV. I think you're stretching with the easy come (we've done alot of planning!), but definatelysbettersnot to go.

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