Going to the inauguration

Realized that I posted to Twitter last month but haven’t said anything here: we’re going to DC for President-elect Obama’s inauguration. Who else is going? Anyone care to share two tickets to a ball? 🙂

The reason we’re going is a bit different than you’d think. Back in March, during the interminable slog through the caucuses and primaries, we had CNN on watching the results. Robby (who turned 6 that month) asked, after Barack had won another caucus, whether this meant that he was the President now. No, I explained – and then, as best as I was able, explained to him how the primary season differed from the general election. To his credit, he got it. “So if he wins in November, he’s President?” “Yep, you got it.” “Is there a party?” “Well, yeah. In January, in Washington, DC. It’s called the inauguration.” “Then you’re taking us, right?”

Hard to say no to that.

Our plans right now are very much open. I assume that we’ll be standing on the Mall with a few million other Americans, watching from a great distance. Mostly I want the boys to know that they were there, that they heard President Obama deliver his inaugural address. I’ve asked for tickets from my Senators and Representative, but from what I hear the requests far exceed the supply.

Anyone else going? I’ll be working from our DC office all week, so hopefully I can catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Let me know!

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