Got Google Questions? We got answers.

Very excited to announce a project that I’ve been working on for the past several months (in addition to a few others…) – the Content Central blog and the updated Submit Your Content page. Both are intended to bring a bit more transparency to how we distribute content for content partners at Google, and help partners find the tool(s) they need to get better results from working with us.

Congrats to Don, who was instrumental in seeing this through. And major thanks to Steffanie, JL and April (none of whom have a blog I can link to, as far as I know – hint, hint) who brought much-needed focus to the project. Keep an eye on the blog, lots of good stuff is in the hopper over there.

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  1. When trying to download music using Google Hacks or ins”intitle”sI am unable to save the downloadsto mp3 format. When I click on it orsright click on it,s the only option given is HTML or all. This does not allow me to savesto mp3 even if I tick the mp3 box in Google Hacks itself. Does anyone have any suggestions?s

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