Wii Fit is a hit in the Klau house

Wii Fit

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Thanks to Naperville buddy Mike Marusin, we’re the proud owners of a new Wii Fit. We hooked it up last night, and I have to say: big win. The yoga is surprisingly effective – this coming from a guy who would never even imagine trying yoga. (I guess if they could find a way to make tofu blink I’d consider eating it. But that’s another matter.)

We’ve loved the Wii since we got it 18 months ago. And I’m amazed at how effectively they’ve catered to the various family interests: the 6 and 8 year olds are huge fans of Lego StarWars (both the Game Cube and Wii versions); I love Guitar Hero III and Wii Sports, and now Robin has her very own favorite. (Though I confess that the competitive instincts in me make me want to one-up Robin, leading to some pretty hysterical competitive yoga scenarios. Which I think isn’t reallyt he point of yoga. But I could be wrong.)

Kids haven’t had a go at the Wii Fit yet, but will probably get set up on it once school’s out this week.

BTW, saw Fred Wilson’s positive comments about Zemanta and decided to give it a look. If I understand what’s going on, it’s evaluating my post in real time, auto-tagging posts based on a textual analysis of what I’m writing (see the tags associated with the post), and giving me a gallery of images, blog links and contextual links (to Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, etc.) to enhance the post. Early impression: whoa.

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  1. If you really want to have a blast with the kids, get yourself Dance Dance Revolution. All of Rachel's friends are into it, and we've even gotten my 68 yo Mom to join in! (It was quite revealing to finally understand why I can't do left and right on the fly!) It can be competitive with 2 mats going, or it can be a one person game, or a group activity — and everyone is up and moving. It really teaches coordination and spatial perception. Thanks for the review on the Wii Fit…now we could only find one around here…

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