Welcome to Cody!

Nearly nine months ago, our beloved dog Tioga died. It was just a week after we moved to California, and we missed him terribly.

At the end of last year, we started to feel ready for a dog in our house again. We reached out to the Northern California Golden Retriever Rescue group to see whether we could adopt a Golden who had been abandoned. After one false start, we got a call earlier this week that there was an 18 month old Golden who needed a home. Today we drove to Mountain View to meet Cody, and after determining that he was as personable as we could have hoped, we signed the paperwork and brought him home.

The kids (well, the boys – Becca’s not so sure she enjoys any competition for attention, but we’ll get her past that!) adore him, and he’s spent much of the afternoon and evening getting to know his new home.

Here are a couple pictures:

And yes, he’s on Dogster.


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