The Kindle is Here

The Kindle showed up today, and it is terrific. I’ll be publishing a more detailed review after I’ve had a couple days to play with it. But my initial reactions:

  • the file-to-Kindle conversion service ($.10 for over-the-air, or free for file attachment by e-mail) is excellent. I’ve already added a number of PDFs from my hard drive for viewing on the Kindle, with mostly good results (some PDFs with complex formatting ended up getting a bit messed up).
  • downloads over the air are lightning-quick… not surprising, given the relatively small file sizes and straight-forward mark-up.
  • like Ernie, I will definitely be reading more books now.

More later. Really excited to finally get my hands on this.

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  1. Yay! I got my Kindle last week, and I have been absolutely loving it. Did a video unboxing/first impressions post and another post on “why ebooks are a great value” on my blog, and I'm working on a “tons of free sources for ebooks for your Kindle” blog post, which should be ready soon (maybe today)?Looking forward to hearing more of what you think about it, any neat tricks or good books (or book sources) you find for it.Have fun, and welcome to the club! 🙂

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