Superdelegates site – KML now vastly improved

Wanted to call attention to a huge improvement over at Bob Rose (an engineer at Google), with help from the ever-helpful Juliano Ravasi (developer of the original KMLExport extension for Mediawiki), has radically improved the KML layer. Whereas the prior version gave little details other than the delegates name, the current version now includes the entire contents of the wiki page within the KML layer itself.


You can now browse the entire wiki from within Google Maps or Google Earth, and see all of the delegate’s relevant info. (I admit to a particularly geeky thrill in watching videos of endorsements (courtesy of YouTube) from within Google Earth.)

If you’re interested in making your own enhancements to the site, just let me know. (If you’re not a developer, you could always add some more biographical data to the site so that there’s more background on the delegates.) Thanks to Bob for the huge improvement!

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