My wiki moment

A few weeks ago, writing about, Mike Gotta wrote about a wiki moment:

[The site] evolves into a participatory environment – beginning with your own social network of friends that contribute their perspectives. But the wiki has the potential for network effects to kick in as friends invite friends and so on to the point where perhaps the wiki will “‘go viral”. At some point – the community gets noticed more broadly and mainstream conversations are altered as a result.

The press coverage has surely helped – the site received nearly 500,000 page views in February and is averaging more than 2,000 people per day. But this morning I had a wiki moment of my own: while riding the shuttle in to work, I saw this post in the Obama campaign blog feed. The item was just a few minutes old, so I jumped over to update Carol Fowler’s page at… only to find that someone else had already done so, five minutes prior.

That’s really cool. It’s not the first time I’ve had someone else update the site before me – but the fact that this was, in effect, “breaking” news, made it even more apparent that once a site like this hits critical mass, it really will work. For those wondering what “critical mass” is when it comes to crowdsourced apps like this, Jimmy Wales says that all it takes is five committed individuals. (Interesting.)

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  1. […] Other than that, the edits people have made have been both useful and timely (I wrote about this last week), and I’m amazed that the site is, for all intents and purposes, complete in a month’s […]

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