My life as a pundit

So much for that. NBC just called Texas for Hillary, giving her 3 of 4 states. Big wins in Rhode Island and Ohio, but a narrow win in Texas.

She’s still going to end the night behind in pledged delegates – and once the votes are counted and the caucus in Texas is factored in, I think he could pick up delegates.

But the fact remained, neither candidate scored a knock-out tonight. He’s still ahead on points. But she had a strong round…

When will this end? Sheesh.

3 responses to “My life as a pundit”

  1. I, too, wish this will end. I'm sick of each candidate declaring victory and celebrating before any of the actual work has been done. This whole process is actually kinda screwed, if you ask me. Do I have a better solution? Yes. Just vote, count everything, and the winner of the popular vote takes the office. It's SO SIMPLE!@#@!#@ 🙂

  2. Mrs. Clinton is suggesting today that a split ticket may be something that she is open to. While being initially reported as a potential “Dream Ticket” – with her experience and his charm and fund raising ability – I see it differently. From my perspective, a Clinton-Obama ticket would be unelectable. While most often running mates “make up” for each other's weaknesses, in this case they will pull each other down. Mr. Obama is much better off without her.

  3. Wish you had gotten this one right Rick. Now we have to wait at least until PA if not longer for this to end.Did you see the posts on the idea that Obama should conced to Hillary her FL delegates? The idea is that losting once is better than losing twice, since even though there are a lot of delegates it's not enough to put her over. And if they do a re-do, Clinton would be able to say she beat Obama twice, which would hurt more than the few extra delegates he might pick up.–Barry

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