Yes We Can

[youtube 2fZHou18Cdk]


6 responses to “Yes We Can”

  1. Yes, we can.We have all waited for a leader who could unite us. He has arrived. Now it is up to us. We need to get behind him and support him.If we don’t stand up, we will get the age-old divisive politics… and that includes Hillary.Obama’s strong record and lifetime achievements show that he not only talks a great vision, but he acts on it as well.Please give of your time, support, and, yes, donations if possible. however, if you do nothing else, talk to others. We need to do our part.Yes, we can.

  2. which voters is this video targeting? This is also on his campaign website. I'm a 21 year old student, and i love this video. This video and lots more through his website pulls in all the young voters such as myself, finally. I think it's great.

  3. Also, just wanted to add….isnt it annoyingly obvious which voters he's trying to target? Where are his other targeting tactics?

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