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OK, allow me to indulge in a little bit of self-promotion:

[youtube H9sXban2t4o]

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  1. Will Cox directed me to your site… I just wanted to say is a great tool. I was just wondering where to look up pledged superdelegates the other day while watching CNN.

  2. Rick,I was listening to CNN on XM Radio on the way home. I heard your name and I almost drove off the road, which would have been pretty easy to do with the snow here in Chicago. I visited the site just days ago. How does it feel to hear your name on CNN?MJC

  3. Well played! Don't forget about the little people during your rise to the top of the independent mashup-media scrum.

  4. Your site will soon be the primary source for everyone who is trying to figure out the Superdelegate process. It is well done, easy to use, and very comprehensive.But… Please, PLEASE… in all your lists of superdelegates throughout the site, would you please alphabetize the lists by LAST name, not first name? It would be much easier and quicker to find individuals, especially when some people are only known by last name.Thanks for a great site. I'll be coming back regularly.

  5. Michael – The alphabetization is handled by the wiki, and is done according to the name of the page (all delegates are entered as Firstname_Lastname – to do otherwise would be terribly confusing elsewhere on the site). If you're having trouble finding a delegate, I'd use the search engine – just enter the last name and you'll go right to their page.

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