Can Barack win?

Not tomorrow, no. Nor can Hillary. Both will pick up a lot of delegates, but neither will get anywhere close to the 2000 needed to win the nomination. I think Barack has to hope for strong showings in California, New York City (not state, the city), and wins in several other states (Missourri, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama) and an “upset” in one of the previously “safe” states for Hillary (Connecticut? New Jersey? Dare I throw California into that list?) If the narrative coming out of tomorrow is that Barack’s got more or less the same delegates as Hillary, and pulled off a surprise or two, then I think he’s well-positioned moving forward.

He’s closed 20-point gaps in a matter of 4-6 weeks. He outraised Hillary in January $32.5m to $13.5m. With a surplus of cash and a strong showing tomorrow, he could very well be in the driver’s seat.

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