We sold the house

Anyone following me on Twitter saw my update yesterday that Robin and I have signed paperwork on an offer we received Tuesday night. We’re elated. But there’s some backstory that’s interesting to share.

Apparently the editor of the Naperville Sun still reads my blog, and when he saw my post about the house still being on the market (and the requisite price drop), he had a reporter give m a call. Paige and I chatted for a while on my drive back from San Diego, and she had a photographer head over to the house. The result? A front page treatment in the Business section (and an abridged version of the article which ran in the next day’s Chicago Sun-Times). The print version had a big picture of our house, and included our address.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. Two offers came in that night, both from locals who were familiar with the neighborhood. Eight months on the market, and the two offers came in the same day we got a ton of attention in the local paper. John Harper, a Realtor out here in California, wondered whether newspapers sell houses and remarked that the trend is for Realtors to shift much of their marketing budget to online sources away from offline sources. One example doesn’t make a trend, but I think the results in my case speak for themselves: Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com – none of them produced our buyer. Interesting.

(Separate lesson learned: when a journalist asks for your wife’s age, politely decline to answer. I have it on good authority that that would have been a wise move. Ah well. Next time.)

So… Naperville Sun: you’ve been very good to me. You endorsed me when I ran for local office in Naperville. After I moved, you helped sell my house. To Tim and Paige, I raise a glass from a few thousand miles away. Let me know how I can return the favors.

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  1. C.C. – You have all the good karma I can muster heading your way. I don't wish the stress of an unsold house on anyone – the last 8 months have been tough to juggle, but it's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

  2. That's awesome. I'm only sorry it sold before you resorted to a listing that included a “Buy this house or we shoot this dog” picture. Ah well. You can use that when you move back to Naperville and can't sell your California house for eight months.

  3. My observation is that the effectiveness of print ads is not as powerful as the Internet these days. Getting your house featured in an article is a whole other magnitude of exposure. It's something that all real estate agents should take a good look at and one of the reasons we utilize News Releases in our marketing efforts.Now that the house is sold – what's up at GoogleBurner?

  4. You sure know I've been sympathetic to the situation you were stuck in since day one — what a huge relief this is, and congrats on being free. Glad you got the local exposure you deserved by cashing in your networking credits this way.Funny how things suddenly happen in a rush at the end of an arduous process. When we finally sold our city condo in '04, after a bruising ~7 months paying double mortgages, we received a cash offer the very day our months-old contingent offer finally closed. The new offer was identical to the aged one so there was little temptation to switch, but I was all, “where were you six months ago, fella?” So it goes.

  5. Congratulations, Rick.My first job out of college was at a newspaper chain and I'm still very pro-newspaper, but major news coverage of a home for sale is far different from running an ad in the “for sale” listing. The kind of article that benefited you is rare and doesn't significantly relate to whether newspapers are good means of selling homes.

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