Barack – a resounding victory

Barack’s victory was far broader than even the talking heads are reporting:

  • Among non-blacks under 30, he won 52% of the vote.
  • Among all voters under 65, Barack won over 50% of the vote. (18-24: 65%, 25-29: 70%, 30-39: 62%, 40-49: 61%, 50-64: 51%). Only among those 65 and older, Hillary beat Barack 40%-32%.
  • Barack won 54% of all men and 54% of all women.
  • When asked who can best beat a Republican in November, Barack was favored 48% to 36%.
  • Barack received more votes today than all votes cast in the 2004 Democratic primary in SC.
  • Barack received more than twice the votes as Hillary.
  • Barack received more votes in South Carolina than any two candidates from either party.

And his speech was his best yet. Showed a backbone and a fighting spirit.

Yes, we can.