Barack – a resounding victory

Barack’s victory was far broader than even the talking heads are reporting:

  • Among non-blacks under 30, he won 52% of the vote.
  • Among all voters under 65, Barack won over 50% of the vote. (18-24: 65%, 25-29: 70%, 30-39: 62%, 40-49: 61%, 50-64: 51%). Only among those 65 and older, Hillary beat Barack 40%-32%.
  • Barack won 54% of all men and 54% of all women.
  • When asked who can best beat a Republican in November, Barack was favored 48% to 36%.
  • Barack received more votes today than all votes cast in the 2004 Democratic primary in SC.
  • Barack received more than twice the votes as Hillary.
  • Barack received more votes in South Carolina than any two candidates from either party.

And his speech was his best yet. Showed a backbone and a fighting spirit.

Yes, we can.

One response to “Barack – a resounding victory”

  1. It’s interesting to note half the voters turning out for the SC primary were black and the selected candidate is too.The pundits and journalists will report that race played a prominent role in the races in the race. I’m sure half of them will report that it was race that won and the other half will report it was race that won. I know it wasn’t race that won for Obama because one– his mamma aint black and two–he aint got good hair. (Adam Clayton Powell had good hair. Al Sharpton wishes he had good hair.) A big-eared high-yalla boy hailing from Indonesia aint who voters was lookin’ at when they voted for Obama. They was lookin’ at a man who is declaring he’s for change and he aint talkin’ ‘bout small change, pocket change. He’s talkin’ ‘bout foldin’ money change, serious benjamins change and we all know that change from the Bush status quo is gotta be better than what we got now—chump change!George Edward Buggs

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