Randy Pausch got a role in upcoming Star Trek movie

A few months ago, I (along with most of the rest of the blogosphere) was moved by Randy Pausch’s last lecture at Carneige Mellon. Pausch, you may recall, has a terminal diagnosis from an aggressive cancer, and has just a few months left.

Not surprisingly, many people were moved by his lecture. Here’s the transcript, it’s been translated repeatedly (Chinese, German, Italian), and a book is in the works.

But coolest of all is news that JJ Abrams, director of the upcoming Star Trek movie, sent Randy an e-mail and offered him a role in the film. (Details are here, no permalink though.)

The film will come out a year from now. I think the odds of Randy being around for its premiere are slim… but what a wonderful tribute to an incredible man.

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  2. I join the crowd of folks who have been inspired by Dr. Pausch. Being offered a role in the Star Trek movie is just the latest example of how his life exemplifies the lessons that he gives us in his “Last Lecture”. My favorites are “Think Big” and “Ask for what you want”. As I reflect on my career, there were many times when I got the job, not because I was the first person they thought of but because I went to the hiring manager and asked to be considered for the assignment.

  3. Hi Rick – the book came out and is well worth a read. It's like an extended edition of the session Randy gave, though less 'intense' a read than the transcript or watching the video. Except in a couple of places.

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