MoGo Bluetooth Mouse – Best. Swag. Ever.

I spoke at Blogworld Expo yesterday and the speaker gift was a Bluetooth mouse from MoGo. It’s a PCMCIA (PC Card? I can’t remember what we’re supposed to call those blessed peripherals any more) card that charges its battery while inserted. When removed, it’s a wireless mouse that connects to your computer via Bluetooth. The form factor is terrific – surprisingly solid for such a thin device – and it slides easily on a flat surface.

I ran into one of the guys from MoGo who asked how I liked the mouse, and I told him I was really impressed. Funnily enough, I didn’t realize I actually had a PCMCIA slot – I thought I just had Express Card slots. At which point he pulled out the newer MoGo mouse, which is an ExpressCard model – and is both a mouse and a PowerPoint remote (including a laser pointer). My presentation was an hour later, and I used it to drive my presentation. It was great – really a nice addition to the laptop. Thanks to MoGo for the gift!

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