Guitar Hero for the Wii rocks

No, I won’t win any awards for most creative post title. Sue me. I picked up Guitar Hero for the Wii today while we were out running errands, and I had more fun playing this game than any game on the Wii to date. Best of all, it supports online play, so those of you who own the game can take me on in a shred-off. I’d write more, but I can barely feel my fingers.

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  1. As soon as I get broadband installed at my new place, you're on. I'll warn you, though…I can't even finish all of the songs on medium, much less attempt even the easiest song on hard. Still, this game is tons of fun.

  2. […] a ton of people, I’m TOTALLY hooked on Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii (as are some of my friends).  I picked it up last week and have changed the batteries in my WiiMote more times over the last […]

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