Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet (3rd ed.)

I don’t spend much time in the legal world these days, but I did spend time over the past year updating a book for the American Bar Association, the Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet. Now in its 3rd edition, it’s a book that I think will help law firms of all sizes prioritize where they want to spend their time (and money) online. We talk about blogs, podcasts, e-mail, website strategies, how to hire consultants, the ethics of online advertising, and often try and identify options for when you’re on a tight budget or when you’re at a big firm looking for the creme de la creme. This isn’t a theory book at all: we deliberately focused on practical tips that you can implement as soon as you’ve read them.

My co-authors are a terrific bunch – Greg’s been doing this longer than anyone (his law firm website is well into its second decade, and he wrote the original edition of this book), and Deb is proving to be one of the savviest marketers around, with a terrific ability to distill key learnings from hundreds of websites to identify what actually works. Collaborating with them is a joy.

Thanks to Ernie Svenson, Dennis Kennedy and Elizabeth Lampert for providing us with helpful feedback on the manuscript, and a huge thank you to ABA employees Bev Loder (actually, former employee, but Bev deserves the lion’s share of the credit for shepherding this book from day 1 and hounding us to get it done) and Tim Johnson (who made sure the finished product was one we’d all be proud of).

I’ve heard that some reviews are coming out shortly; I’ll point to them when they’re up.

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