Here’s to the crazy ones

I don’t have an iPhone – I must be getting older (come to think of it, I do turn 36 later this month which is starting to sound decidedly un-young), but it just doesn’t hold much fascination for me. Sure it’s an elegant piece of equipment, but I just need my preferred phone/device to make calls and make email and mobile browsing manageable. The iPhone is a decent phone (er, well, for some but not others) and its interface is nice, but do I need to spend $599 $399 for it when my Blackberry does just fine? Just never had a burning need to go and get one.

Nevertheless, I am amazed by the turn of events over the last week as Apple bricked a ton of phones, many belonging to their most passionate supporters. In response, someone created a beautifully apt parody of my favorite ad ever that really makes its point well:



(Click through to the site if you’re not seeing this in your reader – it’s worth a minute of your time.)