Administrivia – update my shared items feed

I’ve been using Google Reader’s shared items for a while now, and originally ran the resulting feed through FeedBurner. Truth be told, I don’t need the metrics (it’s mildly interesting that there are three dozen people subscribed to my shared items feed, I suppose). More importantly, some useful context with respect to the items is lost when the feed is run through FeedBurner. So… I’ve deleted the feed from FeedBurner, which should permanently redirect you to the original source feed, which is here. However, it appears that there may be some funkiness if you try to unsubscribe to the old feed after subscribing to the new. Please unsubscribe from the shared items feed and resubscribe to the original feed produced by Google Reader. If you’re not subscribed to the shared items feed at all, give it a try. There’s a whole lot more content in there than there is in this blog lately…

That is all.

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  1. I think there might be a problem with your main feed as well. It seems to be pulling items that look like they're written by Robert Scoble instead of you, with all this talk of link blogs and such. Might want to look into that. :p

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