I’m too tired to give this entry the proper sarcasm it deserves, but let me try and be brief:

Dear Comcast, if I call to order your service, try not to talk me out of actually, you know, ordering your service just because my new home’s address isn’t in your database. Maybe do a little actual work and send someone out to verify that I’m not lying about the new home so you can take my money. Sincerely, Rick Klau.

Dear AT&T: I’ve been a paying customer of yours for more than a decade. Counting college, actually closer to two decades. In any event, when I try to use your website to order new service, let’s try to avoid creating infinite loop redirects so that my browser crashes, shall we? Cause that would be, you know, annoying when I’m trying to continue giving you money (against my better judgment, given the last 2 years of nightmarish, Kafkaesque billing quagmires we’ve encountered). Many thanks, Rick Klau.

Oh, and the irony? Trying to use AT&T’s AnyWho toll-free directory to find AT&T’s toll free residential service order number. Go ahead, try it. Did you find AT&T’s toll free number? (It’s 800-288-2020 in case you’re wondering.) Nope, neither did I.

I feel better now.

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  1. Customer service is dead. If can't get service from corporate providers that we spend $30K/mo with (Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, Cypress), I have no expectation of service at the retail level.

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