VW Phaeton ad

Few people know that Volkswagen has a super-luxury sedan called the Phaeton (in the US, it’s no longer sold, and only a few thousand are on the road here). Its price tag was north of $75,000, and most US buyers think of VW as the Jetta/bug/Cabrio company, not an Audi A-8 competitor. I saw one in a dealership once (gorgeous), and talked to a guy at a rest area who was driving one (he adored it)… but hadn’t really thought much about it since then.

Very Short List today pointed out a brilliant ad for the Phaeton that, as VSL points out, is most certainly art. Check it out:

[dailymotion 4GJMSfys9PLLt7sfc]
(Click through to watch if you’re in your aggregator and not seeing the video.)