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Few people know that Volkswagen has a super-luxury sedan called the Phaeton (in the US, it’s no longer sold, and only a few thousand are on the road here). Its price tag was north of $75,000, and most US buyers think of VW as the Jetta/bug/Cabrio company, not an Audi A-8 competitor. I saw one in a dealership once (gorgeous), and talked to a guy at a rest area who was driving one (he adored it)… but hadn’t really thought much about it since then.

Very Short List today pointed out a brilliant ad for the Phaeton that, as VSL points out, is most certainly art. Check it out:

[dailymotion 4GJMSfys9PLLt7sfc]
(Click through to watch if you’re in your aggregator and not seeing the video.)

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  1. The Phaeton is sad proof that no one will pay Audi/BMW money to be treated like a VW customer. The total experience counts beyond measure — ask any Lexus dealership — and the eighty-large set doesn't take kindly to plastic seats and styrofoam coffee cups in your so-called dealer service “lounge” (meanwhile, the entry-level consumers scarfing up Beetles and Jettas are just calling it another day in Mudville). I speak from the ownership experience of three separate VWs (including one of those venerable Jettas) and a single used Audi A4. The VW dealership was ownership-grouped with a Chevy franchise and featured a common service area that may have assembled tanks during the war. The Audi dealership stood alone and the service bay floors squeaked like institutional linoleum when you pulled in, they were so spotless. You can only stretch so far.

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