Naperville profiled on Colbert Report

Sort of, anyway. In his “Hometown Hero Town” spot, Stephen glowingly reviewed Naperville for a recent news story that profiled a tow truck service to tow you and your car home if you’re drunk. As Stephen noted, the cost is $85, but it’s $65 if you have a reservation. “Finally, folks, you can schedule your incapacitations. So thank you, Naperville, it’s so rare to promote road safety and binge drinking at the same time.” our quest to reclaim our rightful place as the #1 city to raise a family (last year’s #2 spot was such a disappointment!), clearly the local businesses are pulling out all the stops.

(Hat tip to Bowen for letting me know about this, I missed it last night.)

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  1. […] new downtown Naperville towing service has become the source of jokes for its pitch that if you get too drunk they’ll tow your car and take you home – but if you […]

  2. Wow! Thanks for blogging this. I just heard the trailer for it on comedy central but then they no longer had that sequence up. I can't believe it hurt them at all back when you could see Colbert & Dawkins on YouTube…

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