Lost Season Finale

Uh, whoa.

Couple questions:

  • When Jack was in the hospital and was confronted by the chief surgeon, he yelled: “Get my father down here, right now. If I’m drunker than him, you can fire me.” But this is supposed to be in the future. And Jack’s Dad died before the flight took off, before he was on the island, and before he’s back in the hospital, going all Rush Limbaugh on us.
  • What’s up with Walt being back on the island, several years older? Where’s Michael?
  • Who was the corpse that Jack visited (in the “future”, or whatever time warp period he was a bearded oxycontin addict)? Sawyer? Locke? Ben?

I’ve got more, but those are the ones that really stood out for me.

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  1. All questions I had as well. The father one is the only one that I have no explanation for unless somehow the island brings his dad back to life down the road and we haven't seen it yet. He was dead before all the weirdness (whatever it is) happened so it doesn't make sense.The dead person is really who I want to know. Obviously Kate doesn't like whoever it was and neither did a lot of people. It was in a run down part of town. Sawyer was my guess, but then I thought maybe it was Michael. I don't know.Walt didn't look too much older. I just think it was the camera angle that did it, but who knows. I didn't think much about it, but it sure does make it feel like they never really did leave.As always, more questions then answers, but WHAT a great twist at the ending with it not being flashbacks. Loved it!

  2. well, we have seen Christian Shepard alive* on the island, way back in the first season (first or second episode?)… and his casket was found empty in the caves…* maybe, or maybe just another apparition? same unknown for backwards-talking Walt and the black horse, or older Walt last night…and Mikael “died” but lived to Die Another Day.Were Ben and his group really on another island, as he told Sawyer (remember the rabbit)? If so, how did he get to “our” island so quickly, to catch up with Jack & co.?And even more curiously, how did John get there? my guess for the no-attendee casket service… Ben. Which means that Jack doesn't kill him when they get “rescued.”

  3. I think the dead one is Locke, cause he tried to kill them before they left.I also think Kate is married to Sawyer.Maybe Jack's father being “more drunk” means that Jack is more sober than his father even if he is dead, that's why everyone is looking at him that way. (talking about a dead person and all).But then again, you could be right, the casket was empty, maybe it was one of those stupid drugs where everyone thinks you died, but u didn't.Always remember the golden rule for series, they are not dead till you see them bleed, chopped off heads or whatever makes someone REALLY REALLY DEAD. (ie. Michael Vaugn in Alias!!!!)I am also kinda thinking that Ben was telling the truth, I don't know how, it can't be easy to guess, else it wouldn't be a great series, but I think the guys that were supposed to come to the rescue weren't the good guys. That would account for the weird stuff with Charlie, Desmond and Penny.

  4. I said “Were Ben and his group really on another island…” lostpedia.com says that “After the escape of Kate and Sawyer, the Others seem to have abandoned Hydra Island” so my questions (about how they got to Jack & Friends so quickly) disappear.

  5. I agree with the flash fowards but there is a few things. One is Jack tells Kate he is sick of lying. Obviously something happened they lied about. The funeral is in my guess for Michael because I don't think they would take Ben off the Island, and if they did he would be in prison.The other thing is when Naomi crashed from the tree she looked up and saw Desmond and said “Desmond”. She also had the same picture he had of him and Penny. I think that's a bit strange.The show has been known to “kill” off people and really show that they are alive (Desmond, Locke, Charlie and Echo seemed to be dead when the hatch exploded, Locke seemed dead when Ben shot him, Mikael seemed dead 2 times before blowing the Looking Glass up). I know its high hopes but can anyone confirm that Charlie is really dead? I mean there is a chance that Des can swim under and pull him out from the window. I mean if Mikael who had just survived a seizure and then was shot in the heart could swim it, I am sure Desmond, a runner, could.

  6. Carlton and Dom have both confirmed that Charlie really is dead. The only way he'll be shown again is an “Obi-Wan” type vision (or flashback, perhaps).

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