Gordon Biersch comes to Illinois

Gordon Biersch logoRobin told me last night we had to get something at Ikea before we could get on with our night out. (Be honest, what good date doesn’t start with a trip to Ikea?) But as we got close, she turned into the new mall area anchored by Macy’s, and much to my surprise, there it was: a Gordon Biersch restaurant. Readers from Silicon Valley know Gordon Biersch well; and though I doubt many in Illinois know how good the beer is, last night’s two hour wait for a table tells me word’s spreading fast. (Fortunately for us, there were seats at the bar open, and we were able to eat a burger with the all-important garlic fries right away.)

Details on the Bolingbrook location are here if you haven’t been, it’s well worth a visit. (In case you’re wondering, I had the Czech Lager, since the next beer I’m brewing at home is a Pilsner Urquell clone. As with every other Gordon Biersch beer, it was excellent.)

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  1. I'm a big fan of the GB here in DC (right across the street from the spy museum, and 1/2 a block from the metro).Although I will admit that there was one particular tapping party that left me, shall we say, unable to remember some events from that night. So, be careful around December when they unveil the winter bock. That stuff packs a powerful punch. :)Glad to hear I can find delicious beer when I head to Illinois next, since Yuengling is so hard to find there. 🙂

  2. gaw! why does this have to be in the suburbs? i used to live on the west coast and ever since i heard that Gordon Biersch was coming out here, i've been jonesing for those fries!

  3. I was introduced to Gordon Biersch by a Chicago-California transplant friend of mine while visiting Las Vegas. I've been craving those fries since my last Vegas trip two summers ago. They are the best hangover cure to recover from a Vegas bender. And like their beer, they're delicious.

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