Behind on e-mail

Grandpa’s memorial service was wonderful. His sons (my Dad and my Uncle Chris) both spoke, as did the four grandchildren (me, my brother, and my cousins Lauren and Heather) and a few others (including Mel, who met Grandpa just a few years ago, but amazingly enough went to the same high school in Milwaukee nearly 60 years ago!). It was a standing room only crowd, which spoke to what a friend Grandpa was to so many of the residents at Lake Port Square and how loved he was by his family.

To all of you who left comments, thanks so much. I’m fortunate to have such a great collection of friends and colleagues who shared such kind thoughts.

One anecdote from Saturday that was uplifting, albeit surprising: one of my Uncle’s distributors looked up my Grandpa’s name on Google on Friday to see if he could learn anything about him. Turns out, my post from Wednesday was the top hit. Amazing, and wonderful.

If you sent me e-mail anytime after Thursday, chances are I’ve not yet read it. It’ll take a day or more to catch up; bear with me. Thanks.