TPM goes backstage with Colbert Report

It’s pretty cool to see a guy I’ve known for over a decade rise to the top of his game. Josh Marshall and I were competitors in the web design for lawyers business (he was a founder at College Hill Internet, and I was at We got to know each other, mostly because we were the same age, living in the Boston area, and in a pretty small industry. Today, he’s the founder of TPM Media, which until recently was a collection of hard reporting blogs (his original site Talking Points Memo, scandal rag TPM Muckraker, policy wonk group blog TPM Cafe, and election blog Election Central).

He’s just branched out into video with a new site called Veracifier, and so far it’s been a great blend of reporting and insight. The most recent episode (below) is a combination interview with John Kerry about his new book along with a sneak peak at what Stephen Colbert is like backstage. (Colbert appears with two minutes or so left in the video.)

[youtube 3ZSw6TQUhPY]
(Click here to watch at YouTube.)

Josh is a terrific guy who followed his instincts in starting TPM several years ago. It’s now not only his own full-time gig, it’s also a full-time home (with benefits) for a growing stable of reporters. And as the Los Angeles Times noted last month, he’s reinventing journalism and showing what’s possible with these new media. It’s exciting to see.

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