Announcing AdClimate

Over on the company blog, Brent has a post announcing our latest release, AdClimate. The idea is pretty simple: advertisers who are particularly worried about their ad running alongside specific types of content can leverage this new feature to ensure that the ad doesn’t run. While some will focus on the inevitable cases of situations involving bad words, I think the more intriguing application is the brands who want to reach valuable audiences but don’t want to have an ad run alongside a mention of their company (good or bad). In many cases, those connections lead to undesirable results – and when you manage (as we do) feeds on behalf of thousands of publishers, there are bound to be cases where advertisers would rather control when and how their message appears.

We feel very strongly about the decentralization and distribution of content representing the future of media. It’s fun to be in the middle of that evolution, and it’s great to see our dev teams iterate quickly when customers indicate a compelling need. Nice work, team!

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