Akismet hates me

Akismet spam countAkismet, the brilliant spam plugin that makes it possible to let people leave comments on a blog (in a year, it’s stopped more than 180,000 spam comments, or nearly 500 spam comments per day), doesn’t like me. As you probably know, I’m pretty proactive (along with Jake and Eric) about reaching out to publishers who post comments to their blog about FeedBurner. Even built a little app to monitor the comments that we respond to, so we can keep tabs on any resulting conversations. It’s pretty cool.

Except that lately, I’m lucky if 1/2 of the comments I leave actually ever get posted. Why? Akismet, in its infinite wisdom, is quarantining my comments and flagging them as needing moderation (if not outright labeling them as spam). The result? Many times, even though I’ve taken time out to answer a question posted by a blogger (and they ask lots of questions), the blogger never knows because the comment never gets published. Needless to say, this is annoying. (So now, in addition to posting the comment, I also seek out the author’s e-mail address and separately e-mail them to find my comment. Not exactly efficient.)

I tried contacting Akismet a few weeks ago, but have yet to hear anything back. I’m just looking for either an explanation of why my comments are getting flagged, or a way to get whitelisted (a la TypeKey) so that the answers I post to blogs don’t disappear into a black hole of comment spam.

Any ideas?