Conference spam

Bruce Allen wrote about the proliferation of conference spam at this year’s Legal Marketing Association confernece; I noticed the same thing ahead of this year’s TechShow. Bruce writes:

If the LMA had asked me (called opt-in folks) I would have been happy to receive information from vendors with products or services specific to my current needs… But instead I have to sit through a three week spam-storm (no thank you, I am not interested in hearing more about how your pens with my logo are better than their pen with my logo).

Amen! I received pitches for litigation management, document retention (and document destruction), legal research, dictation services (I find it hilarious that there’s still a dictation market, but that’s a separate matter), and plenty of others who weren’t even memorable enough for me to recall them to complain about them here.

The sad part? I was a speaker at TechShow, not an attendee. Not one of the products pitched to me (by snail mail!) were anything I was in a position to buy or recommend. What a waste of their money and my time.

And to the company who saw fit to hand-write on a generic envelope bought at Staples? Not bright. Screams “marketing isn’t really all that important to us, but I guess we better have people show up at our booth if we want to justify the amount of money we paid the ABA to go to TechShow.”

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