Prediction for the day: subscription numbers will rise

OK, this isn’t exactly a bold prediction: as we noted on our company blog, Google is now reporting subcsriber numbers to feed publishers. What this means is that starting tomorrow morning, if you use FeedBurner you’ll see your subscriber number grow because we’ll be able to tell you how many Google Reader (or Personalized Hompage) subscribers you have.

This is an oft-requested data point that publishers ask for, I’m thrilled to see it out in the open. If you want to know more about how we capture feed numbers in general and how web-based aggregators work, see last month’s post on that subject.

2 responses to “Prediction for the day: subscription numbers will rise”

  1. Ahhhh that would explain it 🙂 Thanks for that clarification. On a day (Saturday) where subscriptions usually drop, I noticed mine were up an extra 30 or so higher than my average over the past few weeks. Thanks Rick.- Greg

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