I wrote about Facebook a couple weeks ago, and since then have spent a bit of time playing around. Prior to this, I’d only really spent time on MySpace, which often left me wanting to curl up into a fetal position and weep. Fourteen years of lessons learned in web design and that is the most trafficked site on the Internet?

Facebook, on the other hand, is under-stated and rather elegant. Rather than fostering an odd lust for hideously-designed personal pages on the web (honestly, haven’t we already been down that road?), Facebook is geared explicitly to sharing information with friends. In just a few days of using Facebook to build up a circle of friends, I can already see that what LinkedIn is to my professional life, Facebook will become for my personal life. I’ve reconnected with professors from law school, classmates from college, and our former babysitter who’s now in college. My cousin who recently graduated from school is there, as are countless friends from the Dean campaign. It’s genuinely interesting to log in and see what people have done in the past day or two via my homepage.

Are you using Facebook? What’s your experience been?