Month: January 2007

  • Your interesting pictures on Flickr

    This is really cool: Flickr’s “interestingness” algorithm has always intrigued me (interested me?), and someone has cobbled together a way to check to see which of your pictures are considered “interesting” by the Flickr gods. Go check it out and have a blast. (If you’re, um, interested, mine are here.)

  • How Zune could beat the iPod

    OK, here’s my crazy idea for the week: Microsoft should update the firmware for the Zune to add podcasting support, then cut a deal with T-Mobile/Starbucks so that every Zune owner within a few yards of a Starbucks would get free wifi access. The pitch? In the time it takes to order a coffee, your […]

  • Google Reader feature request

    I really enjoy using Google Reader as my online feed reader. But I just realized I wanted to do something that isn’t currently supported. Not sure whether this needs to be baked into the Google Reader code, or is doable via a Greasemonkey script: I want to be able to expand a feed (or a […]

  • Thoughts on 2008

    Was talking with a friend the other night, and on the off chance that any of these ideas come to pass, I get to point back to this and show off how smart I was. And if none of it plays out, you’ll all graciously forget I ever said it. “Experience” is not a deal-breaker […]

  • Barack Obama for President

    As you’ve likely seen all over the web today, Barack Obama announced he’s formed an exploratory committee and will formally announce his decision about running for President on February 10 in Springfield. I am elated at this news. More later (I’m traveling for the next few days).

  • Learning digital photography

    A few weeks ago I asked for pointers to help get up to speed on digital photography. Now that I have a “real” camera (with each day, I find yet another incredible feature of my D50; if you’re in the market for a digital SLR, you could do much, much worse), I’m really eager to […]

  • Mom will be so proud

    Yesterday’s post debunking the claims of rampant pornography on the Wii got picked up in today’s New York Times blog The Lede (courtesy of a follow-up post at Techdirt – thanks, Mike!). At least I’m a “techspert”!

  • Site update

    A long-overdue site update is now more or less in place. While I was originally pretty happy with the look and feel of the prior design, it started misbehaving in a couple of browsers, and I’d grown tired of having to constantly tweak stuff to keep it working. I found a new theme I quite […]

  • Wii – gateway for porn?

    Wow, I guess it’s come to this: seen over at TechDirt was the alarmist report at WFAA-TV in Dallas that the Wii console can be a gateway for porn. Here’s the logic: the Wii has the ability to connect to a home network through its wireless Internet connectivity. Furthermore, the Wii has a web browser […]

  • Eric Zorn v. Ann Althouse

    I am so disappointed I can’t make it to this event tonight in Naperville; it would be a blast to listen to both talk about how blogs can influence the debate. Eric – enjoy your visit to our fair city!