Newt Gingrich: the Howard Dean of 2008

Remember my comment last week?

I think conditions are very ripe for the GOP to see a Dean-like candidate rise from nowhere. What I mean by that is that there’s considerable dissatisfaction within the rank and file. The leadership appears to be out of touch: the party of small government has radically grown the government. The party of fiscal discipline has plunged the country into record deficits. … These conditions – multiple apparent front-runners, lots of consternation from the base, lack of clear leadership at the top of the party – all contributed to an environment in which Dean went from no-name to front-runner in a matter of months. Could Gingrich be the insurgent to ride a wave?

Taegan has a great post over at PoliticalWire that suggests this is, indeed, Newt’s strategy:

On the other presidential candidates, Gingrich says, “We’re not in the same business. They are running for the White House. I am trying to change the country.”

I like Newt’s chances. I don’t agree with many of his politics, but I think it’s high time the country had a principled debate about the issues that matter. Say what you will about him, but I think he’s genuine in his desire to “change the country”. It’s a similar message, albeit with a very different method, to Barack’s goal. I think that’d be a great race.

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