FeedBurner releases site stats

I mentioned this last week, and we’ve now made it official: as of today, anyone using FeedBurner can add site tracking to their website. Go to the post to find the cool little bookmarklet I hacked together that gives you instant access to your page stats from any page on your blog.

I’m particularly excited about what this means for the remainder of the year… there’s a lot of opportunity for us to provide increasingly detailed, actionable information that spans every area where your content is consumed: in your feed, on your site, in a widget, etc. As content becomes ever-more decentralized, the need for comprehensive analytics that understand all of those consumption points is critical. We’re on our way.

Thanks to everyone who beta-tested the stats offering before we launched, and kudos to Jeff, John, Jessie and the rest of the team who worked their butts off to get this out the door.

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