Barack Obama for President

As you’ve likely seen all over the web today, Barack Obama announced he’s formed an exploratory committee and will formally announce his decision about running for President on February 10 in Springfield. I am elated at this news. More later (I’m traveling for the next few days).

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  1. He just had to pursue this further — it's really impossible to generate this kind of buzz consistently so you've got to take it when you can…I'm excited. Should make the race interesting…

  2. […] This reminded me of a news article I had glanced over earlier this week – no matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all safely say it’s exciting news to know that both a woman and an African-American are, for the first time ever, serious contenders for the White House. FeedBurner’s Rick Klau (also here in Chicago) is blogging with glee. To me, these aren’t just new ideas – they represent a true paradigm shift in how all of us are thinking. But if you’re still not convinced, just the fact that Al Gore and George W. have actually agreed on an issue should be enough to seal the deal. […]

  3. The crucial question for any potential president is even more important given Sen. Obama's lack of foreign policy bona fides. Can he offer a coherent and comprehensive approach that can help the Middle East towards peace, reestablish US credibility, give Israel some reasonable security, and help the Palestinians to have a homeland? To answer that question successfully will take more than a great personality and an excellent mind. It will require being able to think outside the box that history has created. When Wilson went to Europe, it was the chicken going to the fox and asking him to design the henhouses of the future. And nobody has had a safe night's sleep since.

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