Month: January 2007

  • Inside baseball: The Democrat Party

    A lot of sites have pointed out recently that some Republicans like to “slur” the Democratic Party by dropping the ‘ic’ and calling them the “Democrat Party”. Greg over at TPM raises it today on TPM, pointing to a Washington Post article that contains this graf: Some liberal bloggers and party strategists saw the president’s […]

  • Azizah al-Hibri wins First Freedom award

    From the press release, here are details about one of my law professors receiving a prestigious award last week: University of Richmond School of Law Professor Azizah Y. al-Hibri [was] awarded the 2007 First Freedom Award, by the Council for America’s First Freedom, to commemorate the anniversary of the nation’s first law guaranteeing religious liberty. […]

  • Ugandan discussions

    Has to be my all-time favorite political inside joke: Ugandan discussions. (Originally referenced in this article at Slate about rumors of a relationship between Maria Bartiromo and Citigroup exec Todd Thomson (which may or may not have led to Thomson’s ouster). Who said bloggers had exclusive dominion over printing inuendo?

  • Interview with Tyme White

    Tyme White, community director at blog network 9 rules, recently asked her readers for questions about FeedBurner to send my way. The result is a two-part interview (part 1 and part 2) that covers a lot of ground. Tyme and I will be doing a podcast follow-up (probably next week). This was a great process […]

  • Clinton@Marist lives on

    Earlier today I mentioned an e-mail list I participated in back in 1992, the Clinton@Marist list. Formed in August of ’92, it was the first use I know of by a presidential campaign of the Internet. Part discussion list, part campaign coordination tool, part rapid response vehicle – hard as it is to believe, it […]

  • The one where Bowen owes me dinner

    Back in October, I was IM’ing with Tom Bowen, a good friend who I got to know during the 2004 Obama campaign. After the campaign, Tom set out for NJ where he ran a bunch of successful state campaigns, then helped out with a Senate campaign out west in the ’06 race before returning to […]

  • Da Bears

    I absolutely love the interview Jake did with Aaron Brazell over at Suicide Fan about the Bears upcoming appearance in the Super Bowl. I think I worked with Jake for 9 months, and knew him for more than 2 years, before I knew he’d played college ball. He really knows his stuff (on football that […]

  • My new measurement of time in L.A.

    From now on, whenever I’m driving in L.A., I’m going to measure the elapsed time in ‘episodes’. As in episodes of 24. Example: “Wow, the last time I had to go from Geffen’s offices in Santa Monica to Burbank, it took me two and a half episodes.”

  • Newt Gingrich: the Howard Dean of 2008

    Remember my comment last week? I think conditions are very ripe for the GOP to see a Dean-like candidate rise from nowhere. What I mean by that is that there’s considerable dissatisfaction within the rank and file. The leadership appears to be out of touch: the party of small government has radically grown the government. […]

  • Interview with Business Week’s Heather Green

    For those who want to hear me pontificate on the state of podcasting, this week’s Cutting Edge podcast is a chat between Business Week’s Heather Green and me about podcasting, what FeedBurner sees happening in the podcasting space, and how my mother-in-law uses iTunes. (Not really, but sort of.) Enjoy.