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No thanks to the many technical tools I used to try and find a Wii, we happened to get one last week when Robin got a call from a neighbor who fortuitously bought one from a Toys R Us employee with loose lips. (The neighbor overheard the clerk offer to sell one to a friend; when confronted, the clerk admitted they had “a few” but were supposed to wait until Friday morning to sell them. Having just seen the clerk willing to sell one early, the neighbor got one, and a few minutes later, so did Robin. Unreal.)

It’s been a lot of fun, Ricky already kicks my butt in bowling (he bowled a 207 last night – he’s six years old!), and Robby’s regularly over 100. I love boxing, but have doubts whether I can beat Kris next time we’re head to head.
If you want to send a Mii my way, my friend code is 2212-1297-9809-0553.

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  1. hi im sam and i have a wii too. for me to be able to send u stuff u have to enter my number also. my wii friend number is 2141-7996-0392-2397. plz send me a msg asap after u enter my number thanks

  2. hey my wii code is 7596 0039 1070 4713 i was on google and found yours so add me some time hope to email you soon on my wii

  3. hello, my mii friend code is “4195 6780 0050 0378”, this is my first time adding one so I'm not sure if you'll need mine as well.. thanks!

  4. my name is joey, im tryin to extend my wii network, so ima register all of u, my wii number is 6957 6495 9877 9212

  5. hi i just got the wii and i love it. i just hope to make some wii friends im so lonely. i hope you add me as your friend. my wii fc is 2522-1686-8959-4228

  6. Hey everyone, I just recently got DSL, so I can finally take advantage of Nintendo's WiFi connection. Only problem, I don't know how to find my Wii friend code! Anyone out there that can help ?

  7. hello eveybody im enjoying my wii but i wish i could buy mario party 8,fire emblem, super smash bro,wii play,pokemon battle and animal crossing. oh im getting excite thinking about these games. by the way sam,mace,joey,nick and rob. i have added all of you guys so please add me

  8. hey just got my wii.. i know a little late. but my friend code is 0165 5585 5414 0482. PLS add me! dont leave me behind!!!Hayato

  9. hey guys. i have a wii to. my code is 1579-5264-4738. dont e-mail me lol. its a very old email address and i forgot the password. just add me and ill add everyone here on this forum.

  10. hi everyone! I've a wii too. Mi wii Code is 7430-4536-9159-9825. Mi nick is Aligatox. Add me! I'll add everyone on this forum too.

  11. Wii Friends Code = 7575 – 5903 – 0019 – 6794 Add me all you nubcakes : )and please tell me who added me ty

  12. Heyyyy everybody! My name is Andy, I love my Wii! Do you love your Wii? If you do, add me to your friends list my Wii friend code is 1559-0518-0140-3219Orrrr, if you wish you can e-mail me at Ternopil_Andy@hotmail.com Take care everyone. =]

  13. If you add me please send me your wii number here is mine 0561-3214-1010-7743So far i have added Andy,hayato, Johnand Aligatox, guys i hope u have added my wii number peace

  14. Sorry. Here is the correct code for me. Playdude 5389-7596-0720-5677. I'm adding everyone on this site, so please add me. Playdude is the nickname.

  15. Hi everybody, I'm not sure how to do the adding of friends. Tried to add my friend and I dont see her mii yet?? Anyways- here is my number- 4073222040452735

  16. I've added Stacey, DJ LimON, Leon and Pole, though I'm hoping his Mii doesn't come with sex pictures! I'm Playdude at 5389-7596-0720-5677. Add me.Stacey, the Miis don't show up automatically, you have to send them to the people you want. Or, if you set them to travel, some will go automatically to different people through the mii parade. If you add me, I will send you some of my miis.

  17. also adding miisael, Dark and Dylan (hopefully this number is different than the first I tried) Add me please5389-7596-0720-5677 Playdude

  18. God knows how I managed NOT to know about this… LOLMy Wii code is 4021 9048 3166 4081.I'll add some of you guys. Add me if you like. Thanks

  19. Hey everyone. There are sites popping up to register Wiis in a more concerted fashion than the comment thread to this post; I'm going to close out the comments on this post and leave everyone with links to some of the sites I've found:* MiiFirst* MapWiiI'll update this comment if I find others; good luck and enjoy your Wii!–Rick

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