Wii friend code

No thanks to the many technical tools I used to try and find a Wii, we happened to get one last week when Robin got a call from a neighbor who fortuitously bought one from a Toys R Us employee with loose lips. (The neighbor overheard the clerk offer to sell one to a friend; when confronted, the clerk admitted they had “a few” but were supposed to wait until Friday morning to sell them. Having just seen the clerk willing to sell one early, the neighbor got one, and a few minutes later, so did Robin. Unreal.)

It’s been a lot of fun, Ricky already kicks my butt in bowling (he bowled a 207 last night – he’s six years old!), and Robby’s regularly over 100. I love boxing, but have doubts whether I can beat Kris next time we’re head to head.
If you want to send a Mii my way, my friend code is 2212-1297-9809-0553.