Signs of the apocalypse

If you have the stomach for it, this 22 minute recording= of a phone call with Verizon Wireless customer service is just staggering. Throughout the entire experience, noone — not supervisors, not account reps, not even the supervisor’s supervisor — are capable of recognizing that .002 dollars is different than .002 cents. That this guy stayed on the phone for as long as he did without spewing every profanity in the book is remarkable. I’d like to think I had his patience, but when you’re right, you’re dealing with morons, and they’re annoyed with you because they think you’re the moron, well, I don’t know how he held up.

Reminds me of my own experience with Verizon Wireless “Unlimited” Broadband here in the States, where my “unlimited” account somehow incurred overage charges, to the tune of $1300 in one month. Took five months to unravel, and I’m only just now able to expense it because it was so friggin’ confusing. I lost count of how many phone calls, but in my case, fortunately we were simply arguing over whether the term “unlimited” meant the same thing as “no overage charges”. (Fortunately they came to see my side of things.)

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