Dow Jones, our latest publisher

As I hinted last week, we’d have another couple big announcements coming shortly. The first of those is that Dow Jones is now using FeedBurner to manage all of their feeds. Not only is it a terrific validation of what we’ve been up to, it’s exciting to be a part of such a forward thinking strategic shift at a major paper. At a time when many are worried about the print media business’s prospects, Dow Jones has methodically built a case study in how to stay ahead of the curve. They have the largest paid subscription site on the web (, partnerships with some of the leading tech companies (Brightcove, Yahoo/, now us) and have demonstrated an eagerness to test out new stuff.

It’s been a pleasure to work with the team (especially Raanan Bar-Cohen, who managed to move all their feeds over right around the time his wife was having their first baby!) and I’m confident they’re going to be pushing us to innovate for a long time to come. Thanks to Dow Jones for the vote of confidence.