Quote of the year

Robin and I took the better part of the last couple days to do some long-overdue cleaning around the house. At one point this afternoon, the boys’ bathroom was cleared out so I could scrub the floors and the sinks; our bathroom was in a similar state. Our bedroom, however, was mostly done, and the bags of goodwill donations were finally cataloged and in the car. Seeing the lack of bags in our bedroom, and the empty state of the bathrooms, our six year-old yelled down to us while we took a break to make lunch.

Ricky: “Hey guys?”

Us: “Yes?”

Ricky: “Are we moving?”

No, Ricky. We’re not moving. We’re cleaning. And I realize by sharing this, I’m shining a not-so-pleasant light on the frequency (or lack thereof) of our house cleaning habits. But let’s just say that the comedy trumped pride. (As well it should, no?)

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