Breasts on a plane

This is just ridiculous. (Originally spotted over at BuzzMachine.) By contrast, I recall flying to Palm Springs with Robin and Ricky (then about 6 months old). We flew on Southwest (rapidly becoming my favorite airline, by the way – that’s another post), and I was struck as we began our initial descent: I was surrounded by breasts. Yep, that’s right: at least a half dozen moms, in unison, detached their nursing bras and their kids started exercising their jaws, making the descent much more peaceful for everyone else around us.

What was funny to me was the fact that we were all up front: Southwest, who doesn’t do assigned seating, let parents traveling with infants pre-board. And we all picked the front rows: close to a bathroom if necessary, less walking on/off the plane, etc. But what it meant was that, when it came time to breastfeed, all the breasts were in close proximity to each other. I know that the few passengers scattered in the surrounding seats couldn’t have cared less… in fact, it was something of a joke, leading one passenger and one of the Southwest flight attendants to joke that we were sitting in “Breast Class”.

Freedom Airlines should be ashamed of itself.

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  1. The double standard of nursing-a-child-in-public-is-bad and it's-ok-to-flaunt-your-cleavage-as-long-as-it's-to-entice-potential-mates is amazing. After all, the former is highly offensive, while the latter is, well, let's just call it “hey baby, bring 'em on!”

  2. Hmm…You can't take a bottle containing liquid (e.g. a baby bottle) on a plane and they don't want you to breastfeed. What exactly do they propose we feed our infants on planes…pretzels?

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