Update on Outlook 2007 and RSS support

Thanks to Patrick Schmid, a Microsoft MVP, we recently discovered that Outlook 2007 doesn’t reveal itself in its user agent when requesting RSS feeds. It instead shows up as Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft has more details here.

While I’m not thrilled with the current state of affairs, I’m grateful to Patrick for identifying the original issue and working with us to isolate the situation.

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  1. Still no clear solution on how to get Business Contact to work with Outlook 2007 BetaI still cannot even open Outlook 2007 Beta as it gives the error message .dll missing we will need to restart Outlook, then it repeats again and again. It also request for Outlook to be installed before Business Manager can work. “Outlook 2007 Beta is installed” Just needs to be done in plain english. step by step if neccessary. Thanks

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